Flags of many countries in front of food and drink stands on a beach


Yes! cover

Yes! magazine. This is one of my favorites. It is about possibilities and hope.

PROJECT CENSORED. Project Censored’s subtitle is “The News That Didn’t Make the News.” For 37 years this publication has highlighted vital news that the mainstream media has severely underreported or ignored or overlooked completely. In order, its subject matter is political, economic, environmental.

Hightower LOWDOWN. True hard-hitting political and economic investigative reporting in no more space than needed.

Matrix Meditations: A 16 Week Program to Developing the Heart - Mind Connection

Matrix Meditations: Developing the Mind – Heart Connection


Being and Caring: Psychology for Living

Being and Caring: A Psychology for Living

Meeting of the More

Tarot D’Ameur: Finding Love, Sex and Romance in the Cards


Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Others Refute Right – Wing Extremism

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