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Hello, friend.  This time in which we live is a fateful crossroads in history, and if we don’t find ways to understand that and work together, we will all lose. Even the short-term winners.

For most of my adult lifetime I worked as a professor of psychology at Sonoma State University in Northern California. After my Ph.D. from UCLA I did a year as a postdoctoral research fellow in Santa Monica and then served in the Peace Corps in Chile.  At Sonoma, State, besides teaching I was chair of the psychology department for a time. I became well educated in humanistic and existential psychology and trained extensively in Gestalt therapy. Most of my recent writing in the profession is on Gestalt therapy, and I help put together national and international Gestalt therapy conferences and do training workshops.

Seeing and hearing what has been going on in our culture pushed me into political interests. Early on I became interested in meditation, studied with both Buddhist and Yogic masters, and included such courses as the psychology of India, Asian psychology, psychology of meditation, and transpersonal psychology in my teaching. I acknowledge the contributions of every great prophet and saint, spiritual master, and teacher from all religious traditions, including Native American medicine teachers.

I live in a clearing near a creek in a forest. I have had to develop some skill as a woodsman and in stream-bank maintenance and erosion control, road maintenance, and carpentry, plumbing, masonry, and electrical work to get along here. I maintain an orchard and prune and graft the trees, while my wife is the principal gardener. I have a little business experience.

At this point the continuing decline of the global ecosphere and  bioregional and local ecosystems appears to me to be the greatest challenge facing humankind. The depredations of war and terrorism are close behind. Militarism and War are closely connected with destruction of ecosystems. It appears to me that only a major leap forward and upward in consciousness will allow the world to avoid great disaster within the present century. If we fail in that, a leap forward and upward will be needed to recover.  We can look at all that with great foreboding, or with a sense that  immense opportunity  beckons to us. I choose the latter. I hope to join with others in moving toward the worldwide transformation in consciousness and culture that I believe is necessary now. (Especially those who wish to join in puzzling out the things we need to do next rather than being sure they already have all the answers.) For my books see the home page. For free pdf downloads of diverse items see the pages tabbed at the top of this site. 

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